Meet MacGyver, The Puppy Sized Lizard

If your mom says no to a dog and your dad says no to a cat, why not ask them for a lizard?

If you want inspiration about what kind of lizard to get, then let us introduce you to MacGyver the lizard you can follow on Instagram! 

He is almost dog-sized and can do almost anything a dog can. MacGyver is from California and he is a really well-off lizard. He lives like a king, he is fed the best food, he is taken for walks, and he sleeps anywhere he wants! 

Not only that, he has over 229K Instagram followers and he also started a YouTube channel which is becoming a great hit. Just like any other pet he celebrates his birthday, he goes to the vet, and here and there he touches things that he is not supposed to, but he is so adorable and no one can get mad at MacGyver the lizard!