Miffy & Mikka Are Instagram’s Most Adorable Bunny Duo

Bunnies are truly small bundles of hoppy joy, and having one as a pet is quite an adventure. With their tiny noses and fluffy cottontails, these furry pets are impossible to resist, and Miffy and Mikka are one of the most adorable bunny duos that you’ll ever see.

The duo’s owner Chieh-Yu Leff adopted Miffy in 2016, while she still lived in Taiwan. She was at a very low point in her life back in the day, and having someone to take care of inspired her to keep going. Her life turned upside down when she welcomed Miffy into her home, and the dark days are now long behind her.

Leff later moved to New York, met her husband, and got married—and Miffy was by her side through it all. Strangers regularly stopped her whenever she took her pet bunny for a walk, asking her if Miffy had an Instagram page they could follow, so she eventually decided to start one.

“Miffy is a mini style-setter and bunny model who knows the importance of finding the best Instagram spots and poses wherever he goes! He loves fashion, traveling with his humans, and exploring pet-friendly locations in NYC and wherever his adventures takes him!” reads NYC Bunny’s official website.

Miffy is no longer the only bunny in Leff’s household. She later adopted an equally adorable rabbit named Mikka, and they’re now living their best life by each other’s side.