Movie Posters Transformed Into Pixar’s Animated Flicks With the Help of AI and Photoshop

Did you ever wonder how your favorite live-action movies would look like if they were animated flicks made by Pixar? Well, there is no need to wonder anymore because Brazilian artist Alexandre Perez has you covered.

Perez, who is a graphic designer and web developer by trade, decided to start a fun project in which he reimagines posters of popular films in the style of the iconic Pixar animated studio. The result is so great that it will make you wish that Pixar ends up making reboots of these movies. And the way the movie industry has fallen in love with reboots, it actually might happen at one point.

It is important to note that Perez had help in creating these awesome posters. While he is the one providing the ideas, it is the Artificial Intelligence program Midjourney that transforms these ideas into reality. Afterward, the artist then uses Photoshop to clear up the AI’s mistakes and add finishing touches.

Perez’s series has proved to be quite popular on social media. Part of it is the nostalgia element and also the way he includes movies from all sorts of genres, allowing everyone to find something for themselves, whether they like horrors, comedies, thrillers, or romance.

Check out more of these Pixar-style posters below.