Old Time Kitchen is Bringing Back the Good Stuff

If you check the Instagram bio of Old Time Kitchen’s Instagram, it says that they’re a major nutritionist and recipe developer, as well as a restaurant hunter in London. As you scroll through their account, you eventually learn that there’s so much more to this statement than meets the eye.

This is one chef that doesn’t shy away from the classics. In a world of Instagram chefs where everyone is trying to outdo the other with radicalism, Old Time Kitchen is reminding everyone that there’s no reason to change the game. What’s that old saying? Don’t change the recipe if something works? Well, in the case of this chef, they’re keeping the spirit of traditions alive.

Take this recipe below, for instance. It’s a batch of chocolate and banana muffins. This dish is about as classic as it comes, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Literally, if you changed anything about these muffins, we’d be upset. They just look so warm, wholesome, and delicious.

This is the essence of all of Old Time Kitchen’s recipes. The more you scroll through their posts, the more you’ll fall in love with what they have to offer. If you’re someone who loves things that are old school or retro this is definitely the Instagram page for you to follow!