Paperphile Artist Creates Cool Collages From Old Books and Photographs

Hollie Chastain is a Chattanooga-based “paperphile artist and illustrator” who has a goal of giving old books and photographs a new life by turning them into cool collages.

According to this talented Tennessean, she was always intrigued by paper and would often collect it in various forms. Using it to make art was a natural step forward for her.

Chastain says that all her works have a story-telling quality, as she aims to create both visually pleasing artwork, but also one that will encourage the viewer to dive deeper into its message.

“What I adore about collage as a medium is the complete versatility and the allowances that it gives first time creators to play around with color and texture and composition without any “but I can’t draw” and “I’m not an artist” hang-ups,” Chastain explained in a recent interview with Colossal.

Check out some of her works below.