Paulette Goto is Making Delicious Cakes with Hilarious Sayings

Cakes truly have the power to put a smile on your face, and the ones made by Paulette Goto can do it before you even take a bite. She loves keeping it 100% real and here delicious cakes come with hilarious sayings that will make you laugh out loud.

Paulette Goto is the mastermind behind the cake business Polly Cooks, and her love for cooking and baking knows no bounds. Her love affair with cooking started in her childhood, and she actually started her first business selling homemade lollipops out of her locker in middle school.

Her obsession with cakes started when she was still a teen, and she always enjoyed seeing her desserts make everyone happy. Following her high school graduation, she packed her bags and moved to the east coast, before returning to New York where she enrolled in Pastry Arts Class at The French Culinary Institute.

Goto went on to do all sorts of jobs in the culinary world, from working at NYC restaurant Le Cirque to appearing on TV shows on Food Network and Cooking Channe. Her cakes are also a huge hit online, especially the ones that feature funny quotes and sayings. With these cakes, Goto is still making her childhood dream come true – using her cakes to make people happy.