Stephanie Jones is Preserving the Beauty of Nature Through Her Resin Jewelry

There are many different methods to preserve the endless beauty of nature and make it last a little bit longer—including resin art. Stephanie Jones is using this material to create beautiful jewelry that celebrates the beauty of nature in the most extraordinary way.

Jones started her brand Hello Halsted in the summer of 2021 after she started experimenting with jewelry making. She’s always been passionate about resin and something finally clicked when she decided to add flowers to the mix.

“I started off creating simple earrings out of painted wood and resin while slowly teaching myself how to solder and work with metals. I remember the moment that I first introduced dried flowers into my work, and it never felt so gratifying to see a piece come together,” she explains on her official website.

Jones’ jewelry-making process is pretty complex, and it all starts with collecting flowers and botanicals for her work. She then dries them and later cuts them into smaller pieces, sometimes even gluing them together to create tiny bouquets.

She also creates all the metalwork by hand in her home studio, before working with resin and applying 3-7 layers on each piece. Once that’s done, she’s ready to assemble the finished pieces and add the final touches that make her jewelry so beautiful and unique.