Tamar Cohen’s Adorable Miniature Homes Are an Instagram Hit

People always say it’s important to find beauty in small things, and Tamar Cohen managed to do just that. The mastermind behind Miniatureit is making some of the smallest homes that you’ll ever see, but that’s not stopping them from having a big heart.

Cohen’s obsession with miniature art started in her youth, and she’s always been fascinated with a room filled with tiny trinkets at a local museum. She still very clearly remembers the display’s black interior walls, painted this way to create a striking backdrop for the dimly lit miniature rooms.

Despite being captivated by miniature art, she never felt she had the patience or skills required to give it a real shot. That changed during the pandemic when Cohen finally decided to go for it and see what happens.

“I decided to give it a try in 2020 and started with a kit, and from then on I just kept creating my miniature world from scratch. I use a variety of materials and tools, ranging from jewelry-making to carpentry tools and materials,” she explains on her official website.

This proved to be the best choice she could’ve possibly made, and she now runs two Instagram accounts with a joint follower count of 120,000 people, who can’t get enough of her miniature world.