The Artist Reveals the Future With His Brushstrokes

David Ambarzumjan describes himself as a 20-year-old artist living and working in Munich, Germany, best-known as the creator of a series of paintings titled Brushstrokes in Time. The most recent painting named Recover was the most challenging so far. With his creations, Ambarzumjan imagines a future where nature takes back control.

“The brushstroke represents a kind of medication to the skin of the planet,” the artist shared in an interview for My Modern Met. “Inside, nature takes back control to a point where many people think that it shows the past rather than a possible future.”

In his work, the artist primarily works with oil paints, and as he says, he needs months to finish each creation.

“The painting has a lot of contrasts between the brushstroke and the background, visually and thematically: city/nature, day/night, light/dark, noise/serenity and more,” he added.

If you are curious to see more of his work, check out on Instagram, or have a look at his personal website.