This French Street Artist Paints Amazing 3D Murals

Image via scaf_oner/Instagram

Painting murals is hard enough, but French street artist Scaf decided to up the difficulty level by adding 3D effects to his works. His murals, which usually adorn the walls of abandoned buildings or give life to plain gray urban exteriors, feature an impressively realistic depiction of animals and other subjects looking like they are coming to life.

Scaf paints his murals to complement their surroundings while being easy to interact with. He often posts photos of himself alongside the work to give social media users some ideas when they encounter the murals in person.

There are plenty of recurring themes in Scaf’s works, with animals seeming to be his favorite subject. However, the artist always makes sure to add something new, even if he is painting a mural similar to some that he has done in the past.

“The hardest part is not repeating myself over time,” he shared in an interview with Bored Panda. “I always try to create something new. Sometimes animals come back in my paintings, but I’m usually trying to find something that best suits the wall. I need to paint without always doing the same; it’s quite difficult over time.”

Scaf frequently shares his newest murals on Instagram, where he has close to 160K followers. Check out more of his works below.