This Special Collection Cards Was Designed By the World’s Top Paper Engineers

Image via themovablebooksociety/Instagram

The Movable Book Society is a nonprofit organization established in 1993, to provide a forum for pop-up book professionals and enthusiasts to share interests and exchange information about this kind of book.

Recently, the organization released a limited edition of pop-up alphabet cards, in celebration of their 25th anniversary. The special collection, titled A to Z: Marvels in Paper Engineering, features 26 letters designed by some of the most talented paper engineers in the world. Each full-color card includes the artist’s image and their story of inspiration.

“The collection is housed in a custom clamshell box designed by Isabel Uria, includes a bonus pop-up card engineered by Bruce Foster, and features a brief history of The Movable Book Society by Ann Montanaro Staples, along with an introductory essay by collector-of-note Larry Seidman,” the official website reads.