This Woman Founded a Sanctuary for Cats That No One Wants

We can all agree that every animal deserves to live, no matter if they were born with some kind of disability, have a terminal illness, are seniors, or have been abused. They all need someone to take of them and show them love.

With the idea to help animals in need, veterinarian technician Michele Hoffman founded a non-profit organization called Milo’s Sanctuary. She provides the cats with special needs a home and gives them the same opportunity to have full, happy, and wonderful lives.

“Our promise when we rescue them is to provide a safe and loving environment for the rest of their lives,” Hoffman shared in a statement. “All Milo’s cats receive medical care and anything else that they require to have the best quality of life we can give them for as long as we can.”

A Lifetime Care Program for the cats that cannot be re-homed is in place. However, some cats are adoptable. Like, for example, Hank the Tank was abandoned by his humans only because he had diarrhea once outside the litter box.

The sanctuary relies on donations, so if you can’t foster or have a cat of your own, you can help by donating money. Scroll down and check out some of the cutie pies’ photos below.