TikToker Films Her Train Ride in the Style of Wes Anderson Movie

Wes Anderson is one of the most celebrated directors of his generation. He is known for using limited color palette shots, flat space camera moves, symmetrical compositions, and various other stylistic choices that give his movies a unique visual style. It’s a style that TikToker Ava Williams successfully captured in a viral video that has been making round across social media in recent weeks.

Williams’ video documents an early train ride “Along the Shoreline East to Grand Central Terminal” in a way Anderson would present it in one of his movies. It features his recognizable title cards, pastel colors, still shots of the main character (Williams), and lively music.

“You better not be acting like you’re in a Wes Anderson film when I get there,” Williams wrote in the video that got more than 12 million views.


With a good imagination, everything is symmetrical. Let a girl day dream! #wesanderson

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As it turns out, Williams was watching Anderson’s The French Dispatch during a short family visit the night before. When it was time for her to go home to New York City, she decided to do something fun to make sure the visit ended on a cheerful note. 

“I thought about how I could enjoy the trip if I basically romanticized the moment, made it more exciting and tried to enjoy the train ride in style,” Williams shared with Newsweek. “The video was really a way for me to document a moment I didn’t particularly want to enjoy and try and enjoy it.”