TikToker Goes Viral for Her Genius AC Hack

AC Unit
Photo by Carlos Lindner on Unsplash

People have been turning to all sorts of hacks and tricks lately in an attempt to deal with the extreme heat that this summer has served us. TikTok user Samantha Riley recently decided to share her own hack on social media, and it ended up going viral because of how genius it was.

Riley has one AC unit in her apartment, which proved to be far from enough to keep her entire apartment at a bearable temperature. So, the TikToker decided to come up with a DIY central AC installation.

 She took some trash bags, snipped them at the bottom, and then joined them using tape. She mounted one end on the AC unit and guided the trash bag duct to her bedroom while making small holes along the way so the cold air could be evenly distributed.

Riley’s video ended up getting more than two million views and attracted thousands of comments from impressed TikTok users.

“Love the creativity! I work in HVAC, they basically do this for temp duct,” one user wrote. 

“Never in this lifetime would I have thought of doing this. You are a genius,” another TikToker added.

If your single AC unit can’t do the job, you should try Riley’s hack. It might save you from the heat until the colder days finally arrive.