TikToker Wraps Christmas Gifts in the Most Unexpected Way Possible

How you wrap gifts is an important part of the gift-giving process. You want them to look pretty, but you also want to conceal what’s inside in order to create a genuine moment of surprise. This is something that TikTok user @myjumbokicks mastered.

In a series of viral clips posted on social media, @myjumbokicks demonstrated how they wrap Christmas gifts in the most unexpected way possible. The gifts don’t just look impressive; the person receiving the gift could never guess what it is.

For example, @myjumbokicks showed in one clip how they wrapped one gift to look like a giant Stewie Griffin, the character from the popular animated sitcom Family Guy. But the content of the gift was nothing related to the Family Guy, it was just a pair of oversized slippers.  

The video got 35 million views and impressed internet users with the creativity put into wrapping.

“If I woke up with a massive stewie on Christmas morning my life would be complete, “one TikToker wrote in the comments section.

The TikTok profile of @myjumbokicks also features clips of them wrapping gifts to look like giant hot dogs, an ostrich, Squirtle from Pokémon, and more. Check them out below.