Turkish Piano Teacher is Taking Care of 19 Stray Cats in His Home

If you’ve ever lived with a cat or two in a tiny apartment, you know how difficult things can get—but can you imagine sharing your home with 19 pets? That’s the case with Sarper Duman, a Turkish piano teacher who keeps his cats in check by playing music for them.

In addition to living with 19 cats, Duman also enjoys helping all the other animals in need. But covering all the expanses for their food and care can get excruciating, especially since one of his kittens has diabetes, and that’s why he decided to start a Patreon page.

“I am doing my best to cover their food, litter, and clinic expenses. I also try to provide for the stray animals around my house and office by feeding them and taking them to the clinic when it is needed,” he explained.

Duman found viral fame thanks to his big heart and incredible kindness, and he’s now followed by over a million people on Instagram. One of the reasons why he became such a huge sensation is the heartwarming videos that show him playing music on the piano, with his cats keeping him company—and sometimes providing backing vocals with their meowing.