Twillo Story’s Illustrations Are Meant to Spread Positivity and Mindfulness

After over a decade in the design industry, Rupambika Khandai decided to take a leap of faith and start her own brand. Twillo Story was born and it’s spreading positivity and mindfulness with a series of insightful illustrations that will make you think and reflect.

Khandai is an Indian visual artist who spent years working as an art director, creative director, and advisor for several brands before finally summoning the courage to start her own. After a while, she reached a point when she felt like something was missing, and took some time to figure out what brings her peace and happiness.

“I realized I was happiest and most relaxed when I was engaged in a creative activity. It was a truly simple way to unwind and get in a zone of calming mindfulness. It reminded me of simpler times when we were kids and creative expression came so naturally to us,” she explains on her official website.

Twillo Story was born, and Khandai attracted over 145,000 to her Instagram page since starting this brand in 2021. She also introduced a wide range of products inspired by her illustrations, ranging from prints and stationery to anti-anxiety coloring books and Twillo’s signature Zen Boxes.