A Beautiful Harry Potter Medley by Eshan Denipitiya

Screenshot via Eshan Denipitiya/YouTube

Eshan Denipitiya is a talented musician from Sri Lanka who shares his magical performances on Youtube. In the past, he’s published videos that show him playing various medleys from famous movies and shows such as Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean, and recently his latest video is a mix of music from the Harry Potter movie series.

Denipitiya especially enjoyed this last performance because John Williams, who composed the music for the Harry Potter movies, is one of his favorite composers. William’s impressive portfolio includes composing music for Star Wars, E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, and many other famous shows and movies.

“Here’s my take on one of my all-time favorite music scores by one of my favorite composers, John Williams! Please do share this video with your family and friends if you enjoy it, your support would mean a lot to me,” Denipitiya wrote in the video description.

Let him take you on a magical journey of musical bliss, as you soar through his wonderful interpretation of Williams’ iconic score. It’s so amazing that we can’t even get enough of it.

Check out the video below and subscribe to the musician’s YouTube channel for more similar videos!