Adidas Has Designed a Sneaker Inspired by Conchas

We have seen sneaker companies look for inspiration for their new collections in unusual places. However, Adidas’ decision to make a sneaker inspired by the popular concha, also known as pan dulce, is really something else.

Adidas Concha is based on the Superstar model, and sees the sneaker mimicking the look of the favorite Mexican sweet bread. Its toe resembles the striped, seashell-like look of the concha, while the outside of the shoe is covered in a fuzzy material.

The footwear giant first teased the release by posting a photo of pan dulce and announcing that they are “baking something so delicious, you will not be able to resist.”

This was followed by a big unveil of the sneaker, which comes in three different varieties. Sneakerheads can get their Adidas Concha in brown, pink, and white color, which correspond to chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla-flavored pan dulce.

Unfortunately, Adidas Concha is exclusive to Mexico, and the sneakers can’t be bought anywhere else. And even if you go to Mexico to pick them up, there are no guarantees you’ll find a pair that fits you.

Most popular sizes have been sold-out since the sneaker went on sale in May, and it’s unclear whether they’ll be restocked.