High-School Teacher Shares “Ridiculous Emails” He Receives From Students

Teachers are much more approachable nowadays than they were in the past. Students can now email their teacher if they have questions or issues with the class and will likely get a timely response that helps with their concerns. But while this approach helps students, it can also lead to quite a lot of funny situations.

High school teacher Jordan Baechler recently shared a pair of video galleries on TikTok in which he singled out some “ridiculous emails” he received from his students and left the social media in stitches.

The first video gallery, which received 4.1 million views, features emails with personal questions, compliments, pleas for better grades, and some random announcements.

“It just gets crazier and crazier,” Baechler wrote in the caption.

The second video gallery was even more popular, getting 18.7 million views. It featured more of the same, including one student asking for an extension despite being told there are no extensions and another informing the teacher that tickets for SZA concerts are “on sale tomorrow.”

As you might guess, other TikTok users were quite entertained by these hilarious emails. However, some of them were taken aback by the fact that students can contact their teachers this way and how laid back they are in the conversations.

“These are hilarious! I’m so glad we didn’t email our teachers back when I was in high school,” one TikToker commented.

“I bet it is so interesting to see how the students have changed over the years! Lol. I could never joke with my teachers like this,” added another one.