TikToker Shows Her Husband What Happens When She Does Nothing Around the House

TikTok user Lindsay Donnelly was recently accused by her husband Brian that she does “nothing around the house.” So she decided to show him what happens when she actually does nothing. As you might guess, the outcome wasn’t so good.

In a viral video, which got 12.6 million views since being posted in early June, Donnelly shared the results of her doing nothing for two days after her husband’s accusation. The clip shows dirty plates and cups all around the house, piles of clothes, and an overall mess.

“Then I left town for a girl’s trip,” she added in the caption.

After the video spread around social media, Donnelly shared more details in a chat with TODAY. According to her, there is an even split of chores around the household, and Brian made a comment one night when he was cleaning the kitchen and “was kind of grumpy.”

“I didn’t want to yell and scream and fight about it,” Donnelly said. “I wanted to prove a point in a funny way.”

And proved a point she did. Brian quickly noted his mistake and apologized in a follow-up video.


Replying to @kris he agreed that was a real 💩 thing to say

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It seems that the situation didn’t have any long-lasting effect on their relationship aside from making them social media famous.

“He really is an amazing husband. That was just one moment,” Donnelly added.