Andrew Rea Recreates Insane Food We See On TV

What’s fun about TV and movies is that it’s all make-belief; writers and actors can make stuff up in a way that would never work in real life but is perfect of the show. Think about, say, food on TV – remember Spongebob’s krabby patty? What about the Sloppy Jessica from Brooklyn Nine-Nine? What about Bubba’s shrimp recipes from Forrest Gump? These crazy food would never work in real life… right?

Well, that’s what Andrew Rea, the creator behind the YouTube channel Binging With Babish, set out to find out. Rea used to be a filmmaker, and cooking was something he’d do in his spare time. But then in 2016 he decided to combine his two passions.

Andrew wanted to answer a very specific question: what does the food we see in film and television tastes like? Is it any good? Are the recipes completely made up, or can they be used to create something edible?

And that’s what he does on his channel. In every episode he takes one meal from one TV show or movie and tries to recreate that. That can be a difficult task, since the shows don’t usually hand out a recipe – there’s a lot of observation and a lot of guesswork involved in recreating each dish. The next step is to taste the creation and see if it’s okay, amazing or terrible – and if it can be improved.

Andrew’s novel idea and insane execution have turned him into one of YouTube’s biggest celebrity chefs. Today he has over half a million subscribers that follow his funny culinary experiments. So whether you’re a foodie or a movie addict – you should check out his channel. We promise, it’ll be worth your time.