Hypnotic Illustrations by Théophile Bartz

Théophile Bartz’ creative career started in the graphic design field, but he started thinking about changing something after a few years. “I felt the need to detach myself from the conventions of communication that I’d never been able to truly express myself through,” he started his story for It’s Nice That.

Exploring different creative fields ultimately lead him to illustration. He found the discipline had the “freer artistic approach” and gave him the freedom he missed on his graphic design job.

Bartz’ illustrations are colorful and mostly inspired by biology. He illustrates abstract shapes that resemble microorganisms, plants, and everything in between. “The work I do now comes from the frustration I’ve always had with my inability to represent reality at a satisfactory level,” he says. His work is left open for the viewers to interpret in their own way.

Scroll down to see his art.