Architecture and Nature Come Together in Zak Eazy’s Works

A castle resting on a cloud, the Colosseum being turned into a snow globe, and Burj Al Arab being infested by flamingos. These and similar surreal scenes can be found in the works of French digital artist Zak Eazy.

Eazy uses his expert Photoshop skills to create astonishing scenery in which he combines the world’s architecture with nature. He also displaces famous monuments to different surroundings, causing an intriguing change of perception.

In a recent interview, Eazy revealed that love for architecture and fantasy was instilled in him by his father. While being a young kid, he would often draw surreal scenes and came up with his own magical worlds. Then he discovered Photoshop and realized he didn’t have to draw anymore. Instead, he could go one step further and bring his imagination to “life” via this editing software.

Eazy doesn’t provide any details about the scenery he creates besides the photo, leaving it to the viewer to interpret the work in the way they deem fit. Some perceive his creations as fairytale worlds, while others believe they represent a vision of a post-apocalyptic future.

“I find it interesting to see the multitude of interpretations of my ‘mysterious’ creations,” he shared.

Check out more of his works below and let us know whether they make you lean towards fantasy or dystopia.