Artist Creates Ceramic Sculptures of People’s Pets

Every pet owner believes their pet is the most beautiful one. And every one of them is right. British artist Alice Johnson helps people capture that beauty forever by creating ceramic sculptures of their pets.

Johnson, who works out of her London ceramics studio, does an amazing job of showcasing the beauty of her subjects in clay. Her works are detailed and contain distinguishing features of every pet but also aim to capture their character.

According to Johnson, who holds an art degree from the Royal College of Art, she got into ceramics after taking a pottery course in 2015. One of her assignments was to make sculptures of her spaniels, and she was so pleased with the results that she offered to do the same for her friends’ pets.

Soon, more people wanted their pets to be immortalized in Johnson’s work, and she started a business called Pottery Pets.

“I feel sort of very lucky that that’s my job,” said Johnson in a recent chat with The New York Times. “I hope that it’s something that they will treasure forever—that’s sort of the whole point.”

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