Damian Lechoszest’s Oil Paintings Are Incredibly Realistic

Damian Lechoszest is a Polish painter that is creating some of the most impressive portraits we have seen in recent times. His oil paintings are so realistic and detailed that it is almost impossible to believe they are not a photograph.

Lechoszest is so convinced in his skills and the outcome of his work that he often has subjects pose alongside the painting he completed. He then shares it with his social media followers, allowing them to compare the resemblance between the model and the portrait.

What’s even more impressive about Lechoszest is that he doesn’t hesitate to destroy a painting if he doesn’t think he did a good job.

“I am able to destroy a big painting and start from scratch if I know what the problem is and how to solve it. But it is not always the case, we are not always able to predict everything. Such paintings do not leave my studio and land in the oven,” he explains on his website.

Lechoszest’s paintings can be found in private and public collections all around the world. The artist also enjoys a big popularity on Instagram, where he shares his newest works with more than 605K followers.