Artist Depicts Images He Sees in His Dreams—And They’re Hilarious

We all have dreams that are sometimes hilarious, while other times frightful. Dave Green, a London-based artist, has lucid dreams: a dream in which you know you are dreaming. He has had them since childhood, so Green decided to start depicting them and share those images on his website and Instagram account.

As he explains, his simple line drawings are created while awake. However, they represent the copies of illustrations depicted in a lucid dream.

“So there are two versions of each drawing. One created by dreaming me with a dream pen and a dream piece of paper then another version which is a copy of that drawing,” he wrote on his website.

“When I’m drawing in the dream, I intentionally try to keep it simple, so I know I can replicate it, but sometimes the dream just throws out something incredibly complex, and I just have to give my best approximation.”

Unusual self-portraits or encountering a dream character to create a drawing for him are just some of the crazy things Green experiences. However, isn’t it such a creative way to create art?

Scroll down and check out some of the drawings below.