Bay Baby Val is Taking Instagram By Storm With Her Super-Long Manicures

Nail art has evolved into a fascinating form of self-expression thanks to many talented manicurists who are constantly pushing the boundaries of this art form. Bay Baby Val is one of them and she’s taking Instagram by storm with her super-long acrylic nails.

Bay Baby Val is the alter ego of the Bay Area nail artist Valeria, who’s currently based in Burlingame, CA. She describes herself as a β€œlicensed acrylic artist”, and her nail art is so show-stopping that she attracted over 100,000 followers since starting her Instagram page.

Valeria uses nails as her canvas, and her manicures often go beyond conventional nail length, allowing her clients to flaunt unique and intricate designs. She usually works with acrylic nails, elevating manicures to the status of wearable art through the use of different designs, colors, and nail art techniques.

The first thing you’ll notice about Valeria’s nails is their length, but that’s not the only reason why her manicures became such a huge hit. Longer nails simply allowed her to fully unleash her creativity and experiment with new trends.

From nails covered in smiley faces to designs inspired by our favorite animated characters, the sky is the limit for this talented nail artist and she’s constantly coming up with new ways to inspire awe.