Check Out These Beautiful Botanical Embroideries by Helen Wilde

Helen Wilde is an embroidery artist who uses botanical and oceanic motifs to create vibrant 3-D embroideries. She limits each of her hoops to a few-color palette which helps her get the most out of textures and shapes.

Her Etsy profile tells us that she graduated Decorative Arts from Nottingham Trent University and has worked in the design field for many years. In the past, she worked for department store Harrods and cosmetics brand Lush. She loves using finest materials to create her products and it really shows when you look at the result.

Wilde is one of many embroidery artists we’ve been seeing on social media lately. Using needle and thread to create art was popular several decades ago, then it was forgotten, and now it lives again in the most beautiful way. Scroll down to see Wilde’s art and follow her on Instagram if you like it!