Ben Chelouche’s Tasty Alphabet Blends His Love for Food and Design Into One

When your love for food knows no bounds, you see it in everything you do—or at least Ben Chelouche does. This designer became a true Instagram sensation when he started creating 3D alphabet letters and other forms of digital art shaped like his favorite types of food.

Chelouche is a digital designer based in Irvine, California and he describes himself as someone who’s “obsessed with design and food”. His works make it pretty clear what his two biggest passions are because many of his 3D creations happen to take a shape of food.

Chelouche’s creations started going viral when he took part in the popular “36 Days of Type” challenge. It invites designers, illustrators, and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet, and Chelouche decided to do it using food!

He used 3D modeling software and made things a little bit difficult for himself by making sure that his illustrations were reminiscent of the first letter of certain food items. For example, he opted for avocado for A, blue cheese for B, Campari for C, and so on.

Even after the challenge was over, food remained his main inspiration. He took things up a notch by creating 3D models of his favorite foods, spelling out their full names.