Dóttir Studio is Creating Quirky and Purrfect Cat Vases

If you love plants and animals in equal measure, Dóttir Studio will rock your world with their quirky vases. It was founded by the English artist and ceramic maker Jess King, best known for crafting truly adorable and purrfect vases and other décor pieces inspired by cats.

After graduating from the University of Brighton where she got her degree in illustration, King spent many years working on commercial surface pattern design. She decided to branch out and pave her own creative path after giving birth to her daughter, so it’s only fitting for her studio to be named “Dóttir”, which is the Icelandic word for daughter.

On her official website, King explains that she takes inspiration from nature and storytelling to create “whimsical ceramic curiosities that are embodied with a playful sense of narrative, reminiscent of a childhood memory or a story once told.” All her creations are built by hand and carefully illustrated, bringing characters from her imagination to life.

Those characters often happen to be cats and other feline creatures, but King is no stranger to experimenting with other themes. Ceramic vases and planters are two of her signature products, but you can find everything from coasters and bottle stoppers to candle holders and jewelry in her online store.