Britt Higgins is Putting “Art” in Nail Art With Her Epic and Intricate Designs

Nail art is a truly underrated art form, and Britt Higgins is here to make you pay extra attention to it. This talented manicurist is truly putting “art” in nail art and she’s crafting some of the most surreal designs that you’ll ever come across.

Higgins’s Instagram profile gained a lot of traction after she started creating new epic manicures for Nails Magazine’s “Next Top Nail Artist” challenge, but she’s no newcomer to this world. She’s been doing nails for an entire decade, after deciding to give it a try because she wanted her own manicure to look better.

“I started nails as a hobby 10 years ago because my frugal a— was not satisfied with the $30 gel manicure I was getting at the cheap salon and I thought I could do a better job. No high-end artists were near me and I would have been too broke for them anyway so here we are,” she explained on Instagram.

A decade down the road, Higgins mastered every technique under the sun, and her manicures have to be seen to be believed. She’s no stranger to trendy and hand-drawn manicures, but her nail art experienced a true boom when she started sharpening her sculpting skills and added 3D elements to the mix.