Crocs Re-Imagines Its Clogs as Big Yellow Boots

Crocs, the most famous clogs brand in the world, recently presented a new shoe, and it is one of the most unusual footwear you have seen. The company teamed up with art collective MSCHF, who turned their iconic clogs into big yellow boots.

You might remember that MSCHF released a new product back in February called Big Red Boot. Cartoonish oversized red boots took the world by storm and found fans all over the place, from your regular collectors to celebrities.

MSCHF’s collaboration with Crocs follows the same theme but with a few important distinctions besides the color. The shaft remained the same, but the vamp comes with distinct cut-out ventilation holes that Crocs clogs became so famous for. The obligatory straps are also included.

These still unnamed big yellow boots were first presented to the public by musician Tommy Cash, who wore them at Paris Fashion Week. Crocs and MSCHF later showcased them on their social media.

There is still no news about if and when this MSCHF and Crocs collab will become available to the public. Back when Big Red Boot hit the market, retailing for $350, it was available in limited quantity and sold out in a matter of hours.