Eve Corsets Are Paying Homage to Classic Works of Art

Corsets experienced a huge boom in recent years, and they have the power to take you decades and even centuries into the past. That’s certainly the case with Eve Corset’s retro garments, often adorned with tapestries inspired by classic works of art.

Eve Corset is a slow-fashioned brand founded by Evangeline Houston, a costume maker and wardrobe assistant from Birmingham, the UK. She specializes in making historically inspired and painted corsets, featuring such iconic works of art as Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and Sandro Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

Many of her corsets pay homage to iconic works of art, but they look amazing even when that is not the case. One of the things all of her creations have in common is their retro feel, and even the ones that don’t directly reference iconic paintings will take you centuries back into the past.

Her corsets owe their retro vibes to the materials she uses in their making, but they’re not actual antiques and mostly hail from the 80s.

“I make these corsets using a variety of old tapestries/needlepoints and materials from local shops… I use historical and self-drafted patterns to make each piece, and synthetic boning to retain the desired shape,” she explains on her official website.