Curious Characters Discover the World That Surrounds Them in Millo’s Large-Scale Murals

The works of street artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, better known as Millo, are transforming dull and grey buildings into frames for impressive large-scale murals. His works are surreal and thought-provoking and offer a window into a whimsical world that exists in the artist’s mind.

Millo’s murals usually focus on curious characters caught in the middle of exploring the world that surrounds them. They have surreal moments to them, as each character is shown a lot bigger compared to the structures they interact with. The artist shows them exploring houses, carefully watching events unfold, or simply finding a comfy spot between the buildings and letting their thoughts wander.

According to Millo, while his works might seem like they follow a common theme, every one of them is inspired by something different, whether it is a world event or something he experienced. 

“As you’ll notice, scrolling through the pages of my works, all of them convey different messages. Most of the time, they depend on the places where I’m painting,” Millo shared in a recent chat with Colossal.

Millo murals have found home around the world, from his native Italy to the United States, Australia, Thailand, Argentina, and Morocco, among other countries. He also frequently shares his newest pieces on social media. Check out more of them below.