Teacher and Her Mom Turn Students’ Hat Designs Into a Reality

One teacher found an amazing way to surprise her students for Christmas. She asked them to design their dream hat, and then the teacher’s mother turned those designs into a reality.

The teacher, who goes by the name of Mrs. White on TikTok, shared this awesome story on social media. In one video, she explained that she usually gives away books to her students but that her mom proposed an alternative for this year.

Every student was given a template of a hat, and they were allowed to color it any way they wanted. Once collected, these drawings made their way to Mrs. White’s mom, who knitted the caps according to the designs.

The video quickly became viral, prompting social media users to ask Mrs. White to show them all the hats her students designed.

Mrs. White also shared a video in which she presented the hats to her students. The kids were overjoyed to see their hat designs come to life and filled the classroom with expressions of joy.

The third video ended up getting more than 50 million views, with TikTokers praising the teacher for the idea and her dedication to the students.

“You are one of the teachers they will remember THEIR WHOLE LIFETIME,” one TikToker commented.

“I dont know this makes me want to cry. Teachers are truly not appreciated enough,” another added.