Dani Knows How to Capture a Good Travel Shot

Why is it that so many travel bloggers are finding success on Instagram? How is it that some people are able to travel the world, document their adventures, and thousands of random strangers will follow them no questions asked? The answer isn’t always the sameβ€”but in the case of Dani, we believe it’s because he’s a master of capturing the perfect Instagram photo.

Some travel bloggers manage to garner heaps of followers because of the textual context they share. They write paragraphs and paragraphs describing how meaningful a certain location was to themβ€”and their words proceed to resonate with their followers. But in the case of Dani, he has over 34,000 followers, but he rarely captions his photos with more than two sentences! Clearly, his followers are there for a reason, and we believe it’s because of the striking visuals they get from his photos.

Whether it’s the pristine way he captures the clouds hitting mountains in the distance, or being in the right place at the right time when a water splash takes place, Dani just knows how to make good photos. It should also be noted that he’s no stranger to striking a powerful pose, and that’s something that his viewers probably love as well.

If you’re loving what Dani’s putting out and want to join him on his travels, join his community of followers as well!