EmBeaRoidery is Spreading Good Vibes With Her Embroidery Art

If you’re always in the mood to meet new embroidery artists who are using their body of work to spread positivity, EmBeaRoidery will be your cup of tea. Its founder Beatrice is a true master when it comes to weaving hope and creativity into every thread, and her embroidery art will bring an air of joy into your life.

Beatrice is an Italian textile artist based in Plymouth, UK, with her husband and two kids. She initially gave embroidery a shot while pregnant with her first child, and she’s been doing it ever since.

Her Instagram page EmBeaRoidery became quite a sensation and attracted over 50,000 followers thanks to positive quotes she enjoys spreading with each hoop. She stitches each work of art with an unwavering belief in the power of uplifting messages, and they’re the reason why so many people are drawn to her embroidery.

Beatrice also enjoys encouraging other people to give this art form a shot, and she’s selling PDF patterns and embroidery kits through Etsy and Patreon.

“I found my love for embroidery in 2019 and I never put the needle down since! I am so happy to be able to share my passion with many people all around the world, so I have been focusing on creating different patterns and kits for beginners and intermediate stitchers,” she explained on her Patreon page.