Kara Mehrmann is Performing Soothing Jazz Music for Her Rescue Dog

Kara Mehrmann is a talented jazz pianist who’s been performing around the world for years, but that’s not the only reason why she became an internet sensation. Her videos started gaining steam after she started performing with her adorable pup Bradford by her side.

Mehrmann is a full-time instructor of jazz piano at Washington University in St. Louis, and she’s been performing professionally around the United States and internationally since 18. In addition to performing with Sister in Jazz at the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center, she was a member of several bands over the years, including Dropkick the Robot and The LustreLights.

Mehrmann is no stranger to performing with other people, but her dog Bradford is now her favorite bandmate. The bond between Mehrmann and her loyal, four-legged companion thrived since she welcomed him into her home, and he quickly fell in love with her music.

Every time she sits behind the piano, vibrant melodies echo through the rooms of her apartment, and Bradford can’t resist but enjoy the music from the first-row seat. Many of Mehrmann’s viral videos show him sitting on her lap and embarking on a harmonious journey by her side while listening to the sound of soothing melodies – ranging from the Succession theme to Mehrmann’s original compositions.