Comedian-Turned-Illustrator Creates Hilarious Web Comics

Steve Nelson spent his entire adult life in comedy. He started as a standup comedian at the age of 18 before moving to writing gigs on comedy shows. In the past few years, Nelson is also creating webcomics, and as you might guess, they are hilarious.

While starting as a side project, Nelson’s funny cartoons now became his calling card. They are short, simple, and always have unexpected punch lines that will make even the pickiest comedy enthusiast chuckle.

Since he started sharing his webcomics on social media, Nelson got close to 140K followers on Instagram alone. They also got him a gig with, and his works are now featured in various UK newspapers like The Evening Standard and The Metro.

Nelson posts new comics on social media almost daily but isn’t afraid he will run out of ideas. The positive reactions of his followers just keep on giving him the motivation to create even funnier comics.

“That’s what really motivates me to keep creating, is making people laugh,” he shared in a recent interview with Bored Panda. “It’s like an addiction – you’re always trying to get a bigger high, which for me is getting a bigger laugh. I’m constantly trying to make funnier and funnier cartoons.”

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