Malaysian Illustrator is Capturing Adventures of Their Sassy Black Cat

Image via st.aftercigs/Instagram

Most people avoid black cats because they’re considered unlucky in many cultures, but not the founder of Studio After Cigs. This artist from Malaysia found viral fame once they started sharing sassy illustrations of their wine-loving, black feline Pow Pow.

The artist, who goes by JK on Instagram, stumbled upon a black cat behind their housing area and it was love at first sight! They’ve been inseparable ever since, and JK is trying to convey the sassiness and complexity of black cats through their funny illustrations.

“I adopted a cat in early 2021, and I am really into her grumpy and sassy cattitude; that’s how the whole story started. I observe her, play with her, and I blend her cattitude with my sarcastic nature into the painting,” the artist told Bored Panda.

JK doesn’t have a traditional art background and describes themselves as “a self-taught and always learning artist.” Their illustrations are mainly inspired by Pow Pow, and the artist is trying to capture her colors, textures, and emotions with each brushstroke.

Since embarking on this journey, Pow Pow’s adventures attracted almost 270,000 followers to the Instagram page @st.aftercigs. It can take anywhere between 3-5 days for JK to finish their illustrations, but they’re certainly worth the wait.