Kristina Loginova is Creating Magical Miniature Worlds Inside Walnut Shells

Most people see walnut shells as useless and disposable, but not Kristina Loginova. This Russian artist uses walnut shells as a vessel in her unique art, creating magical miniature worlds inside them.

Loginova is a self-taught artist from Russia, and she used to work in a bank before deciding to explore her artistic side. She always dreamed about doing something creative, and she decided to explore her love for miniatures by creating fairy-tale shell houses.

Walnut shells take center stage in Loginova’s art, but they wouldn’t be the same without all the miniature objects she places inside them. Her tiny toys and miniature animals are made out of many different materials, ranging from hand-carved wood to yarn and cotton.

Loginova recently mastered the art of soldering electronic circuits, and she’s using her new skill to bring some light into her walnut shells. They look magical even without real lights, but this addition has proven to be a huge hit in her Etsy shop Tiny Fairy Garden.

The main idea behind her walnut shells is that they’re so tiny even fairies could live inside them. This adds to their magical feel, especially when she fills them with tiny objects that look straight out of a fairy tale.