Felix the Samoyed Hasn’t Been Everywhere, But It’s On His List

If you still haven’t stumbled upon Felix the Samoyed’s Instagram page, you’re in for a treat! This adorable puppy hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s on his list—and he already visited over 30 countries by his owners’ side.

Felix’s owners Julia and Sven welcomed him into their home about six years ago, and they were huge travel enthusiasts even before he walked into their lives. The German duo visited over 60 countries together, including over 30 with Felix by their side.

Julia and Sven are also huge van life aficionados, and having a van makes it easier to explore Europe with a puppy.

“With our Van Daisy, we explore the most beautiful places and accommodations in the world… We try to make the best of every day, even if sometimes we have to dig really deep to find something good. Luckily we have Felix who loves digging,” they explain on their official website.

Felix goes by @wanderlust_samoyed on TikTok and Instagram, and he has over one million followers across his social media channels. It’s always a joy to see him hit the road with his owners, and he’s traveled everywhere from France and Italy to the UK and Hungary over the years.