German SFX Makeup Artist Can ‘Become’ Anyone Or Anything

We know that talented makeup artists can do wonders with their skills, but that doesn’t make the works of German artist Saskia (@khaleesiisaa) any less impressive. Saskia is so good in her line of work that she can transform herself into anyone or anything, including animals, pop culture characters, and even paintings.

Saskia specializes in SFX makeup art. This includes the use of makeup and prosthetics to create an illusion and trick the viewers into thinking something is real when it’s actually not. She became interested in this type of art several years ago and became quite good at it despite not having any formal training in art or makeup.

Her complicated creations require much work, time, and dedication. In order to complete the desired look, she usually needs to work on it for up to eight hours. Some more complicated transformations can take longer as was the case with Marvel’s character Groot. According to the artist, she needed 12 hours to finish it.

Thanks to her amazing skills and transformations, Saskia quickly became the talk of social media. It also amassed her an impressive following on Instagram and TikTok, where she regularly shares her works. Check out more of it below.