The Bake Ninja is Taking Chocolate Strawberries to a Whole New Level

If you enjoy chocolate and strawberries equally, chocolate-covered strawberries are probably your idea of the perfect dessert. The mastermind behind the Instagram page The Bake Ninja seems to agree, and they’re doing an amazing job combining these sweet treats into one.

This viral Instagram page, with over 50,000 followers and counting, was founded by a part-time baker based in East London. Chocolate-covered strawberries are the staple of their business, but it takes much more than just two basic ingredients to make this delicious treat.

Most people simply dip their strawberries into melted chocolate when they want to make this dessert, but not the Bake Ninja. This food blogger is taking the classic dessert to the next level by adding all sorts of toppings to the mix. From sprinkles and grated chocolate to nuts and pretzels, these chocolate strawberries offer a great combo of flavors, both savory and sweet.

Chocolate-covered strawberries may be the Bake Ninja’s signature dessert, but they’re not the only this baker has in store. Head to their Instagram page to discover all sorts of other sweet treats that look just as tasty and picture-perfect, from cookies and brownies to cupcakes and muffins.