Hummingbird Mistakes Woman’s Colorful Hair for a Flower in This Amazing Video

Hummingbirds consume a lot of food every day to keep their energy levels up and usually eat every 15 minutes. This means that they are not particularly picky about their food sources, something that TikTok user learned about firsthand during her recent visit to bird sanctuary in Brazilian city Foz do Iguaçu.

The TikToker was enjoying in the sights when suddenly a hummingbird approached her. The tiny bird though Sheena’s colorful hair is actually a flower and tried to get some nectar out of it.

While some people might have freaked out, Sheena kept her calm. She remained patient and waited until the hummingbird realized its mistake and went to search something more nutritious.

The best of all is that entire thing was captured on camera with Sheena later sharing the video on her social media. The amusing clip quickly spread across the social media, getting close to six million views.

The Dodo later reached out to Sheena, who said that the interaction with the bird and the fact that she was mistaken for a flower made her feel “very special.”

“It was a magical moment,” the TikToker shared with the media outlet. “I don’t know how to describe it.”

If you ask us, being mistaken for a flower is the biggest compliment someone can receive. So if you ever get approached by a hummingbird, don’t be scared. Instead enjoy the special moment.