Rhian Williams Turned to Vegan Blogging to Combat Serious Chronic Disease

Rhian Williams was only 21 when she was diagnosed with a serious chronic disease that forever changed the course of her life. After some consideration, she decided to embrace a plant-based diet and is now committed to sharing quick and easy vegan recipes with the world.

After dealing with health problems for quite some time, Williams was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2015. Her doctor recommended changing her diet to combat this serious chronic disease, and she kicked things off by cutting dairy before switching to a plant-based diet.

She found this experienced strangely isolating, especially during social gatherings and while scrolling through social media, and eventually decided to develop vegan recipes for foods that she actually enjoys.

“I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to recreate those foods I missed in a way that would suit my new diet… It definitely took me a couple of years of trial and error to hone my craft, I quickly discovered that I loved experimenting with cooking for alternative diets,” she explained on her blog.

A few years down the road, she attracted over 100,000 followers to her Instagram page with her vegan and gluten-free recipes, often inspired by Japanese cuisine. She started her blog to banish the feelings of frustration and isolation that come with embracing an alternative diet and eventually found a community of people who made her feel less alone.