Lulu de Kwiatkowski is Arranging Seashells Into Most Beautiful Works of Art

Lulu de Kwiatkowski made a name for herself with her stunning kaleidoscopic paintings of flora and fauna, but she caught our eye after shifting her attention to another art form. She’s celebrating the Bahamas’ endless natural beauty through her vibrant seashell creations.

Life took De Kwiatkowski everywhere from New York to Paris over the years, but the private community of Lyford Cay in the Bahamas always felt like her real home. She feels very privileged to now live in a place where she used to spend her childhood holidays.

“I don’t remember growing up in New York City, but I remember growing up here. It had an enormous impact on my upbringing, my inspiration, my primal existence. We were feral – we basically lived in the water and trees,” she told Architectural Digest.

De Kwiatkowski was passionate about art from a young age, and she pursued it professionally after studying Fine Arts and Interior Design at the Parsons School of Design. She made a name for herself with paintings of large florals but started exploring other creative venues as time went by.

Nature has always been a focal point in De Kwiatkowski’s work, and she’s now celebrating its immense beauty by collecting seashells from the Bahamas beaches and transforming them into intricate artworks that look straight out of a fairy tale.