Illustrator Shows How Superheroes and Other Pop Characters Evolve With Time

Jeff Victor is a talented artist who worked for major companies including Hasbro, WB, CN, Nickelodeon, Netflix, and others. Based in Los Angeles, he is best known for his illustrations of pop culture figures, to whom he gives hilarious makeovers.

Victor named his newest series Mini Evolution, which showcases our most-liked characters going through personal growth. It is part of his regular Evolution series, but with a before-and-after format.

“Sometimes it is a superhero, and their alter ego, and other times, like in the case of Godzilla vs. King Kong, it is showing the contrast between two different versions of the same characters. It is just me having fun, expressing my love of films and comics while stretching my character design muscles,” the artist shared in a statement with Bored Panda.

Scrolling through his Instagram page, you will encounter over 1,000 posts, mostly illustrations, followed by more than 125,000 followers.

Cookie Monster, Wonder Woman, and Maleficent are just some of the characters that are depicted in Victor’s outstanding artwork. If you’re into movies, music, or other types of pop culture figures, keep scrolling! We’re sure that you’ll love Victor’s cute illustrations.