Joan MacDonald Proves That Age Is No Limit When It Comes to Living a Healthy Life

An amazing lady named Joan MacDonald was close to turning 70 when she realized that she wants to finally become healthy and fit. Her health was getting worse and worse and she knew that she had to make some big changes if she didn’t want that to continue.

MacDonald knew exactly what was waiting for her if she didn’t make lifestyle changes; her mother went through those same things and took the same meds. Fortunately, this lady had the motivation to start and a daughter who helped her with that. A few years later, her life changed more than she could’ve ever imagined.

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A lot of you keep asking me how I got started. I know for those of you just beginning with this, it all seems so overwhelming and maybe you doubt yourself, and wonder if you have what it takes. I know sometimes those doubts and fears can take the wind right out of your sails before the boat even gets a chance to leave the harbor. Well, I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it, that you DO have what it takes and that all the changes that this long journey will entail will be worth it. 💕 . When I look back I find it difficult to remember exactly what motivated me to get started. At this point I need an old photograph or video to really remind me of where I started from. But when I really go back in time I can catch little glimpses..I start to remember how angry and easily upset I used to be, how frustrated and disheartened I used to feel. I never let people take photos of me because I couldn’t accept where I was and yet, I also couldn’t seem to change. It was a very tough place to be, and I stayed in that place for a very long time. It was a night just after New Years when I had my breakthrough. My daughter was home for a powerlifting meet, and she must have tried everything in the books to try to get me onboard with her online training program for women. She was very worried about my health, and especially because she found out I was taking pills for my heart. I remember she made up a little chant for me to help me get out of my head, and into my heart. I think at some point we can become our own worst enemy, and lose faith in our ability to take care of ourselves and to make a change for the better. I love to sing, and the words of the chant were: “My life, my body, is a gift to the Lord”. We sang it over and over again, and I cried. For me, it really helped me tap into something greater than myself. Thinking that the work I faced was a duty I owed to a force greater than me helped me out of that dark place. That idea, plus hard work, helped get me to where I am now. If my journey can help some of you light your own candle and get going, then I am at peace knowing I’ve helped you in some small way. Love Joan xo . @paulbuceta

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MacDonald is in her 70s now and has dropped over 60 pounds and improved her health and physique beyond any expectations. She’s a regular in her gym and a star and inspiration to many on Instagram. If we can learn anything from her, it’s to not be discouraged by slow progress, because, with time, the results can be pretty amazing.